About Us

Have you ever wndred about us? 

Springfield Murral


Small-Batch - Big Mission

Wndr Coffee is a small-batch specialty coffee roaster based in Springfield, MO. We offer a wide range of coffees from around the globe. We want to explore everything the world has to offer, especially in coffee.

One continent we feel compelled to highlight is Africa. We offer a wide range of African coffees from across the continent. Our mission is to bring you unique coffees from a variety of African destinations that show how amazing and unique African coffees are.

Together we have over 50 years of combined coffee experience. We started our coffee roasting journey in 1999 with the purchase of our old-world barrel coffee roaster. 

Old-World Barrel Roaster 1999 

We still use this same roaster today. She's been through alot but as reliable as ever.


Coffee is in our veins!

Owner Makaylie as a child climbing on bags of coffee beans 

Here is a vintage picture of owner Makaylie climbing on some bags of green coffee beans. Appreciation for coffee and roasting started young!


Women Owned

Wndr Coffee is proud to be majority women owned! And 100% family owned! We are a family of coffee lovers excited to share our passion with the world.