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Uganda - Mt Elgon - Grade A - Africa

Uganda - Mt Elgon - Grade A - Africa

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This bean is grown on Mount Elgon’s farms––about 1,650-2,200 meters in altitude. They’re traditionally washed and patio-dried to produce a decadent, earthy flavor. Certified by the famed Rainforest Alliance, this bean is lauded for its sustainable actions in favor of both people and nature––preserving irreplaceable flora and fauna, providing robust strategies for human rights and livelihood programs, and protecting the overall climate.

Cupping Notes: Dark and nutty aroma that transfers into the cup with a deep, earthy mouthfeel and alight body. Rich flavor with dark chocolate and nutty notes.

• Growing Altitude: 1,650 - 2,200 meters above sea level

• Variety: SL28, SL14, Nyasaland and Bugisu

• Process: Washed

 Region: Kapchorwa

• Harvest Season: September - February

Uganda and Kenya share two things––a border and some of the world’s finest coffee. Up until recently, Ugandan beans were overlooked in favor of Ethiopian and Kenyan, as coffee-growing in Uganda was still in its infancy. But in the past decade, the country has started to shine, and coffee bean importers have noticed.